How to say goodbye to client relationships

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March 07, 2012
How To Part From Clients
By Sally Ormond
As a freelancer (whether a copywriter, designer, social media adviser etc.) you love your clients. After all they are the ones that help you keep your business afloat and pay your bills.

But there comes a time - every now and then - when you have to say goodbye.

We've all been there - at first the relationship with your client is good, but as time goes on, cracks begin to appear. They are taking up more and more of your time, arguing over everything, they take an age to pay their invoices and they start to quibble over your fees (which they were perfectly happy with).

The time has come to part company to save your sanity. Not an easy decision as your livelihood will take a hit, but what's more important, cash or your mental wellbeing?

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